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  • THE RIGHT PARTS, RIGHT NOW.(迅速提供正确的零部件。)
    无论您身处何方,获得正确的零部件对机器的运营至关重要。通过马尼托瓦克 Crane Care,只需一个电话或一次点击就能获得您需要的零部件。

Whenever you need a part, we are ready to support you. Manitowoc Crane Care operates major logistics distribution centers throughout the world. Our primary parts warehouses in Jeffersonville (USA) and St. Pierre de Chandieu (France) stock an extensive inventory of genuine replacement parts. Asia Pacific is served by our facilities in Zhangjiagang, China, Singapore and Sydney, Australia. Our trained customer service representatives will help you locate the parts you need for any of our products. Access to parts tools, including on-line parts ordering and electronic parts catalogue systems can be requested through our dedicated partner portal ‘Manitowoc Direct’.

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