On-site or online, Manitowoc Crane Care is the innovative leader in advanced crane industry training.  With more professional instructors than all other competitors combined, our training builds a better understanding of operating systems, components, maintenance and repair of all our product brands - Grove, Manitowoc, National Crane and Potain - from beginner to master levels.  

The Manitowoc facilities offer extensive hands-on labs with 11 hydraulic/electrical, six conventional crane, four CANBUS and 12 load moment indicator work stations. These training labs are used to help the technicians become more familiar with the Manitowoc product along with confirming their knowledge in hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic theory and operation. 

The Crane Care mobile simulator, which is based on the Manitowoc 2250, is ready for operator training offering fixed and luffing boom configurations and a fully functional load moment indicator. This simulator can also assist with preparing your operators for crane certification.

The Shady Grove facilities offer three new state of the art classrooms and a new hands-on lab. Included with the new classrooms is a computer lab for various hands-on training covering the GPX2, CAPX, and D3 systems.  The hands-on lab includes hydraulics/electrical work stations and three generations of GMK simulators for operation and troubleshooting.

The Product Training Center located on the east side of the Shady Grove Facility is ideally suited for hands on training. The 6000-square-foot building will not only accommodate multiple products for troubleshooting including larger GMK models but also has convenient access to a fully equipped classroom.  The facility also offers four generations of LMI simulators along with space for component tear down/rebuild and access to dedicated areas for tower crane erection/dismantling and mobile crane operation. 

Our goal is to continuously improve and expand the training for our products and to offer the highest quality training.  Training is an essential element in the total value package that Manitowoc Crane Care offers its customers.

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