The new SCD15 is a 13,6 t (15 Ust) capacity carrydeck crane designed with operator productivity and comfort in mind. A wider cab, improved equipment storage areas, LED lighting package and a graphical, simple to operate RCL system make this workhorse winner on the jobsite.
Boom Extension
4,6 m
(15 ft)
Poids total
7688 m
(25,223 ft)
Main Boom Length
12,5 m or 15,4 m
(41 ft or 50 ft)
Maximum Capacity
13,6 t
(15 USt)
Max Height
21.18 m
(69.5 ft)
Характерные особеннос
  • 9 Ust deck carrying capacity 
  • 3 steering modes for exceptional manueverability 
  • Wider cab for operator comfort 
  • Full LED lighting package 
  • Graphical, simple to operate RCL system
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