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Service & Support

Service & Support

    Это не просто девиз Manitowoc Crane Care, который переводится на русский язык как «Мы с вами. Всегда и везде. Что бы ни случилось». Это образ жизни Manitowoc Crane Care. Подразделение Manitowoc Crane Care создало сеть обслуживания, поддерживаемую отделами послепродажного обслуживания во всем мире, сотрудники которых готовы ответить на все технические вопросы. Наши представители расположены на пяти континентах.
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Construction equipment are tools to get the job done and cranes are a cornerstone to the completion of many projects. Remanufacturing through the EnCORE brand will provide a real second life for your cranes or your crane component to increase crane uptime while reducing cost for our valued customers in the form of: Repair, Rebuild, Remanufacture, and Component Exchange programs.

Structural Repairs (Mobile Cranes)

Structurally damaged cranes or crane components could generate an unsafe environment and if continued to be used can lead to much larger issues. To increase uptime, there may be alternative options to new parts replacements. Manitowoc Crane Care has a staff of Service Engineers who can provide viable repair options, when possible, returning the machine or its components to their original structural integrity.

Change of ownership

Constant improvements, engineering progress or manufacturing information may arise after a crane has been in the field for several years, making it necessary for us to contact owners of the machine. Therefore, it is important that Manitowoc Crane Care has up-to-date records of the current crane owner in case we need to contact you.

Accident reporting

If you become aware that a Manitowoc Crane was involved in an accident or was damaged, it is important that you promptly report it. Use the links below to access, download, copy and print the proper form to fill out and send to Manitowoc via email, fax or US Mail.