The GMK4100B four-axle all-terrain crane offers a 100-ton capacity. The 390 HP Mercedes engine provides smooth and consistent power on and offroad to the 8x6x8 drive system, and the new two-step transfer case increases agility at low speeds. The 4100B also features the new EKS-5 LMI system.

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Specifiche tecniche
Gross Vehicle Weight
48,000 kg
(105,820 lb)
Main Boom Length
11 m - 51 m
(36 ft - 167 ft)
Maximum Capacity
80 t
(100 USt)
Max Height
68.9 m
(226 ft)
  • Exclusive MEGATRAK suspension
  • Exclusive MEGAFORM boom design
  • Six-section full power boom
  • TWIN-LOCK boom pinning system
  • EKS-5 LMI system
  • 8 x 6 x 8 drive and steer
  • optional 8 x 8 x 8 drive and steer
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