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Use the taxi at its best

The new Grove all-terrain cranes provide the best in class taxi configuration on the market!

  - Compact design to go everywhere

  - Impressive roadable counterweight for any lift

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Grove GMK3060L


Grove All Terrain Crane

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Grove GMK4090


Grove All Terrain Crane

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Grove GMK4100L-1


Grove All Terrain Crane

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Grove GMK5150


Grove All Terrain Crane

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Grove GMK5150L


Grove All Terrain Crane

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Go everywhere

The Taxi configuration of a crane is the configuration in which the crane can travel by itself to a jobsite without the need of an additional transport to carry equipment, e.g. counterweight and jib parts. In most countries 12t/axle is the legal limit to travel. There are exceptions with weights up to 16,5t/axle or some countries with even less allowable axle loads.

Get impressive efficiency

In this configuration a Taxi crane can perform multiple jobs a day and this helps to better utilize the crane. With compact dimensions job sites are better accessible and lifts are being performed faster.

Profit from strength

Grove offers the best performing Taxi cranes with superior load charts compared to others. With compact dimensions more job sites can be reached and jobs can be performed quicker.

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