LMI Services

Manitowoc offers complete support for PAT and EKS LMI systems on Grove products. We have a staff available through our Distributor Network to meet any LMI needs. The following services are available through the local Grove Distributor.

Services Offered

  • Calibration for the addition of jibs, extensions and auxiliary boom nose
  • Assist with the installation of retrofit LMI systems
  • Calibration for retrofit LMI systems
  • System Verification
  • Rebuilding of GMK EKS-83 LMI consoles. All rebuilds include a new face plate and flip chart and are covered by a 6 month warranty
  • Conversion of GMK EKS-83 LMI consoles from Metric to English. Conversions include a new console face plate and flip chart
  • Bench testing of LMI components
  • Replacement E-proms
 Processing Request