Why Manitowoc?

The Manitowoc Way is our culture and begins with a total focus on the customer. We respond to what our customers need and want from us.

The Manitowoc Way is based on developing and executing lean strategies to continuously improve efficiency, profitability, and value creation for our key stakeholders. Employees deliver the commitment to manufacture products our Customers will value and buy which attracts and entices Shareholders to pour more resources into the organization to foster growth and commitment to even better products and processes in the future. This virtuous, triangular cycle is the essence of The Manitowoc Way.

This cycle is fueled with Innovation and Velocity. These concepts allow Manitowoc to sustain continuous operational improvement and, ultimately, excellence.

Innovation is all about people. We have excellent people at Manitowoc and we need to eliminate waste through non-value-added activities that stifle creativity. People with passion and perseverance can creatively improve processes or invent new ones that make the organization better. That’s innovation.

Velocity is not strictly about speed, it’s about doing the right things quickly. Speed is scalar and can lack purpose in its direction. Velocity is a vector, not scalar, and cognizant of direction. The Manitowoc Way channels the organization in the right direction quickly and accurately in response to shifting conditions.

The Manitowoc Way is a highly efficient culture that identifies and eliminates all waste and concentrates on the value-added activities that benefit our customers. whymanitowoc
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