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New Potain MCR 160 luffing jib crane saves space and cost


Manitowoc Cranes has introduced the new MCR 160 luffing jib crane, assembled at its Zhangjiagang facility in China. The MCR 160 is modeled around Potain’s popular MR 160 luffing jib produced in Europe. Offering the same capacity and performance, it can lift a maximum of 10 t and can be rigged with up to 50 m of main jib and offers a 2.4 t jib-end capacity.

The crane has been engineered to offer maximum versatility in both internal and external climbing configurations. Siting tower cranes inside tall buildings as they are constructed is becoming an increasingly popular building method, especially in markets across Asia. And it’s easy to see why. When the tower crane is positioned centrally inside the building (usually inside the elevator shaft), it can cover the entire area of the project more easily. If the crane is erected outside the building, it has to reach further, meaning a much larger crane with a longer jib is usually required. And this inevitably means more cost and longer set-up times for the contractor. 

According to Kwong-Joon Leong, regional product manager for tower cranes at Manitowoc, one of the MCR 160’s biggest strengths is that it can be assembled on both 1.6 m-wide and 2 m-wide mast sections, making it suitable for internal configuration, even in more limited construction designs. 

“With the MCR 160 we worked very hard to deliver a crane that can be mounted on narrower mast sections, in addition to our larger 2 m-wide mast sections, which means contractors can use them on more projects,” he said. “The end result is a crane with excellent lift capacity as well as great flexibility.”

Adding to the crane’s flexibility is the choice of three winches. There is the standard 60 LVF 25 winch, a 45 kW rated hoist that can lift a 2.5 t load at speeds of up to 88 m/min; or the more powerful 75 LVF 25 Optima, a 55 kW rated hoist that can lift the same 2.5 t load at speeds of up to 95 m/min. Rope capacity on the 75 KVF 25 Optima is also larger, with 895 m available versus the 550 m available on the 60 LVF 25. 

A third option is also available, the 100 LVF 25 Optima winch, offering exceptional lift ability and reach. This 75 kW hoist can lift 2.5 t loads at speeds of up to 128 m/min, while the maximum available rope capacity is an impressive 1,270 m, making it perfect for taller buildings.

“We have had strong interest in the MCR 160 from markets across Asia, such as India, Thailand and Singapore, as well as from customers in Latin America” Leong said. “As contractors and rental companies continue to look for cranes that can manage their work more efficiently, we expect interest in the MCR 160 to increase.” 

The MCR 160 is the second Potain luffing jib crane to be produced at Manitowoc’s Zhangjiangang facility, joining the MCR 225 A. The first units have already begun deliveries to customers. 

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