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Manitowoc brings latest innovations to M&T EXPO 2015


Manitowoc will take its unmatched range of lifting and after-sales solutions to the M&T EXPO 2015, Latin America’s largest construction and mining equipment show.

M&T EXPO 2015 will be held in São Paulo, Brazil, and is expected to attract more than 500 exhibitors and 55,000 visitors to its 110,000 m² (1,185,000 ft²) of exhibition space. The event takes place at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from June 9-13, 2015, and is expected to see record attendance in its 20th anniversary edition.

Luciano Dias, Manitowoc’s vice president of sales in Brazil, said Manitowoc will highlight its progress since opening its first production facility in Brazil a few years ago.

“Manitowoc is constantly improving its product and service offerings to stay ahead of the ever-changing demands in Brazil and Latin America,” he said. “Since opening our factory here nearly three years ago, Manitowoc has invested in developing a local logistics network to support the expansion of several industries in the region. Many sectors have yet to be fully explored and the potential is huge.”

The region’s decade-long boom in mining and energy has driven demand for Manitowoc’s cranes and the services that support them. In fact, the Brazilian-made cranes assembled in Passo Fundo are designed with Latin America’s specific needs in mind, as several features, such as components for work in mining environments, come with the cranes’ standard packages.

Manitowoc Crane Care service has also grown in the region, having appointed new strategic dealers in Argentina and Nicaragua, and by reorganizing its parts inventory in Brazil. With such developments, Manitowoc aims to expand its footprint and elevate the quality of services in the region, as well as take advantage of the resources already established in Passo Fundo.

“We have great logistics and supply systems already in place at the factory that we can leverage to streamline our parts and service support across the region,” said Marcelo Medeiros, Manitowoc Crane Care’s customer support director. “The change reallocated Manitowoc resources to better serve our customers in the region.”

Another hit with customers in the region are the Manitowoc Crane Care service trucks. Introduced last year in Chile, the support vehicles provide on-site assistance to crane owners, particularly when the project is in a remote location, such as mines. The trucks are equipped with an assortment of tools to support customers as well as the most advanced technology to assist technicians on the road. More information on the service trucks and other Manitowoc Crane Care resources will be available at M&T EXPO 2015.

Potain and Grove on the stand

On display at Manitowoc’s 518 m2 (1,700 ft2) booth will be one of Potain’s newest tower cranes, the 5 t (5.5 USt) capacity MCT 85, one of the world’s best-selling cranes in its category. The topless crane offers a number of enhanced design and functionality features, making it ideal for residential projects in urban areas, such as Brazil’s Minha Casa Minha Vida (My House, My Life), the federal government's social housing program launched in March 2009.

Another eye-catching Manitowoc crane at the event will be the versatile Grove GMK4100L all-terrain crane. The 100 t (110 USt) capacity crane offers a 60 m (197 ft) MEGAFORM boom on a compact four-axle carrier, which is ideal for travel on most highways – a plus for the region’s expansive mining and energy industries that require roadable cranes. With all-wheel steering and the patented MEGATRAK suspension system, the crane is compact and highly maneuverable, making it ideal for congested job sites.

“The GMK4100L is a sophisticated crane that delivers the best value for its price in the long run,” said Leandro Moura, Manitowoc’s marketing manager for Latin America. “Unlike its competitors, the Grove crane has an outstanding resale value, which is linked to its well-known durability and reliability. In addition, maintenance costs are relatively small compared to other cranes in this class; it delivers some of the highest serviceability and utilization numbers out there.”

Grove RT890E and Potain Igo 13

Made in Brazil and featuring the KZTM100 synthetic hoist rope, the 80 t (90 USt) capacity Grove RT890E will be one of Manitowoc’s highlights at the M&T EXPO 2015. The crane is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications in Latin America’s diversified economies. An electronically-controlled 275 HP (205 kW) Tier IV Cummins diesel engine and MEGAFORM boom ensure the RT890E has the power and reach for the most demanding jobs.

Also at Manitowoc’s booth this year will be Potain’s Igo 13 self-erecting crane. With the ability to fully erect in less than seven minutes, the crane reduces the amount of time needed to get into a ready-to-work configuration. The 1.8 t (2 USt) capacity Igo 13 crane is compact and easy to operate, and offers several transport options. Wireless remote controls, a quiet and efficient electric motor, state-of-the-art variable frequency motor drive and an overload protection system are standard on the crane, delivering exceptional value for customers.

Another success story in the region is Manitowoc’s EnCORE program, which will also be represented at M&T EXPO 2015. The EnCORE program gives customers local and cost-effective solutions that not only extend the service life of a crane, but also ensure any repair and refurbishment work performed will be completed to exacting OEM standards. Manitowoc staff will be at the booth to discuss EnCORE’s various services and answer potential questions.

Visitors to the Manitowoc booth at M&T EXPO 2015 can also learn more about two ground-breaking crawler cranes, both of which made their debut last year at CONEXPO 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. The 300 t (330 USt) MLC300 and the 650 t (716 USt) MLC650 are loaded with an array of innovative features, most notably their unique Variable Position Counterweight (VPC).

The VPC system automatically positions the counterweight to fit the required lift. The counterweight moves along the rotating bed and is automatically adjusted based on changes in boom angle. Advantages for customers include reduced ground preparation, lower ground-bearing pressure and less counterweight, without sacrificing capacity. Customers will not have to buy, transport or install as much counterweight compared with a traditional configuration. The counterweight boxes are also designed to be used across multiple crane platforms. Full details on both the MLC300 and MLC650 will be available at the show. 

A CraneSTAR demonstration will also be featured at Manitowoc’s booth. The company’s telematics system uses a dual-band approach, meaning it is able to work on both GSM and satellite networks, to maximize its connectivity. The technology, exclusive to Manitowoc, represents a new era of data management and planning for crane owners, providing real time crane fleet information to engineers and operators, regardless of location.

Also on display will be Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS). This standard operating system is being rolled out across Manitowoc’s product range so that operators only need to learn one system to operate cranes from Manitowoc, Grove, Potain and National Crane. A crane cab simulator equipped with CCS will be among the company’s many booth attractions.

Low-interest financing

Manitowoc customers in Brazil can take advantage of the low-interest financing option named Finame. Made available by the BNDES, Brazil’s development bank, the financing is available to most rough-terrain and tower crane models assembled at Manitowoc’s Brazilian plant in Passo Fundo.

The financing option is now possible with Manitowoc purchases because the ever-growing nationalization of Passo Fundo machines means they now have enough locally sourced components and materials to satisfy the requirements of BNDES. Primarily helping small and medium-size businesses to invest in high-quality, domestically-assembled Manitowoc-branded cranes, the financing enables Manitowoc to reach an increasing variety of customers in Brazil.

“Achieving Finame financing is not only an endorsement of Manitowoc’s commitment to Latin America but it’s also a victory for the many customers that until recently didn’t have this option and were vulnerable to the much higher-interest rates and fees that are imposed on imported equipment,” Moura added.

More information on Finame and financing opportunities will be available at Manitowoc’s booth at the show.

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