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Brazil’s first Potain MCT 205 does the job of two cranes


The first Potain MCT 205 topless tower crane to arrive in São Paulo, Brazil, is being used by Sinco Engineering to construct a 16-story commercial development in the suburb of Barueri. Engineers on the West Corp project state that two cranes were previously needed for this type and size of construction, but the new Potain MCT 205 has cut the need to one crane.

The crane’s working radius of 65 m (213.3 ft), plus its free-standing height of 59.4 m (194.9 ft), allow operators to fully cover the project’s perimeter and execute all lifting needs without changes in configuration as work progresses.

“The entire structure will be completed with just one crane, rather than the two cranes that would typically be required on similar projects,” said Paulo Carvalho, technical director at Locabens. “That saves considerable time and money for everyone involved.”

With a maximum capacity of 10 t (11 USt), the MCT 205 is easily handling the lifting of formwork, rebar and precast concrete pillars for the building’s construction, with loads weighing up to 2 t (2.2 USt). In addition to general lifting work, the crane is also pouring concrete.

Another feature making a key contribution on the project is the MCT 205’s Power Control. This system allows for reductions on the input power required to operate the crane, adjusting to the available electric power feed at the job site – a clever benefit that keeps the crane working when power supply becomes unsteady.

“With Power Control, if the job site isn’t able to provide the electrical power output needed by the crane at all times, the system adapts to the available current and works at compatible speeds and loads,” explained Carvalho. “This technology allows for more flexibility and increased productivity.”

Also aimed at saving developers’ time – and consequently increasing customer return on investment – is the crane’s inventive design, which makes it quick to erect. The MCT 205’s heaviest group of components weigh just 7.9 t (8.7 USt), while the full 65 m (213.3 ft) jib can be erected in a single lift.

A versatile and powerful tower crane

When configured on the 1.6 m (5.2 ft) mast system, the Potain MCT 205 can be equipped with up to 60 m (197 ft) of jib to provide a jib end capacity of 2.2 t (2.4 USt). When mounted on the 2 m (6.5 ft) mast system the crane can be equipped with up to 65 m (2.13 ft) of jib, while the jib end capacity is 1.75 t (1.92 USt). The 1.6 m (5.2 ft) configuration is particularly useful when space for climbing is limited. (Floor climbing is available on both mast systems.)

There is also a choice of two winches for the crane, the 60 LVF 25, which has a rope capacity of 550 m (1,804 ft), or the more powerful 75 LVF 25, which has an 895 m (2,936 ft) rope capacity is and perfect for high-rise construction projects.

The West Corp project, which sits next to the local Manitowoc offices in Barueri, will feature a plaza with space for eight retail shops at street level, and additional customer parking and bike racks, which is meant to encourage healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. When completed, its main tower will offer five different floor plan designs to choose from, with spaces ranging from 500 m2 (5,382 ft2) to 2,000 m2 (21,528 ft2).

Since 1985, Sinco Engineering has completed hundreds of developments in the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro states, in Brazil’s southeast region. The company has expertise in a variety of sectors, including commercial, residential, industrial and telecommunications, having built over 2 million m2 (21.5 million ft2) to date. Currently, Sinco manages over 500,000 m2 (5.4 million ft2) of construction space in dozens of projects.

Created in the 1950s, Locabens has been a Potain distributor in Brazil for more than 15 years. The construction equipment dealer and rental company – Latin America’s largest – provides an extensive array of equipment and support services to customers in the country, greatly decreasing turnaround times. Its clients can rely on first-rate technical support, available in any part of the country or region, aided by its long-lasting partnership with Manitowoc.

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