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Manitowoc 8500-1 crane aids in Hurricane Sandy rebuilding efforts

8/1/2013 Lavallette, United States

Hurricane Sandy left a trail of destruction across the eastern seaboard that will surely take years to clean up. Thousands of people and hundreds of companies are attempting to repair the damage in hard hit areas, especially New Jersey.

One such company, Albert Marine Construction, used an 85 USt (80 t) Manitowoc 8500-1 crawler crane for its part of the rebuilding effort. The company rebuilt the Lavallette Boardwalk that stretches one mile along the Jersey Shore. It was destroyed when Sandy pounded ashore.

Bob and Vicki Albert, owners of Albert Marine Construction, chose the Manitowoc crane for the job because of its compact footprint and maneuverability, which helped steady the crane and made it easier to navigate near ocean water that was just 30 ft (9 m) from the job site. The compact crane, compared with larger models, is also less susceptible to strong sea winds.

“The Manitowoc 8500-1 is incredibly versatile, which was a necessity for this job,” Bob Albert explained. “The hydraulic system on the crane makes it simple to adjust the width of its tracks, greatly increasing stability. We cannot be more pleased with the crane’s performance.”

For the Lavallette Boardwalk job, the Manitowoc 8500-1 lifted an 8 USt (7.2 t) diesel hammer with a piling lead attached to its 100 ft (30.5 m) boom. The crane drove 1,200 wooden pilings deep into the sand, each piling measuring 25 ft (7.6 m) in length. The pilings make up the foundation of the new boardwalk.

The Manitowoc 8500-1 is Albert Marine Construction’s first Manitowoc crane, and it was purchased from Piscataway, N.J.-based Hoffman Equipment. Steve Izzi, vice president of crane sales for Hoffman, has been assisting Albert Marine Construction with the 8500-1’s operation throughout the project.

“Because the crane needed to move up and down the beach so frequently when placing the pilings, this could have been a really time-consuming project,” Izzi explained. “However, with the Manitowoc 8500-1’s removable counterweight system, assembling and disassembling the crane takes only two hours.”

Hoffman Equipment has four locations in New York and New Jersey. The company has been renting, selling and repairing construction equipment both in the United States and abroad for the past 40 years.

“The service we are getting through Hoffman Equipment is impeccable,” Bob Albert said. “The company is available anytime that we have questions and it has provided us with clear, accurate and fast information throughout the entire project.”

The Alberts said they chose to purchase a Manitowoc crane because the brand is well-known for its excellent quality and the 8500-1 will help enhance their business and bring it higher caliber jobs.

“Purchasing the Manitowoc 8500-1 was a big investment and very positive one,” Bob Albert said. “We can’t get over all the luxury features of the crane, from the top-notch controls to the comfort of the cab. Our company is growing and this crane will move us a step up in the industry toward landing more commercial and government projects.”

Albert Marine Construction has been a family-owned marine contracting business since 1976. Located in Waretown, N.J., the company specializes in bulkhead construction, pile driving, dredging, stream bank stabilization, shoreline protection, pier construction and design.

The project began in February 2013 and finished mid-May. Next, the crane will be moving on to install steel sheets for marine reconstruction in Point Pleasant for the New Jersey State Police project.
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