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Easily find or sell used crane equipment. We have a variety of used cranes and brands in our inventory. Manitowoc used cranes feature exceptional aftermarket and financing support. You can count on 24/7 technical support with Manitowoc Crane Care while Manitowoc Finance provides flexible pricing to assist with purchases.

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All Terrain
Year: 2015Capacity: 65 UStCapacity: 60 t

-Unit is de-rated to 50t to meet New York City licensing requirements. -14.00 Tires -Driveline retarder -20-49 ft hydraulic jib -Worklights -Aux boom nose /single sheave -Aux Hoist

Hoffman Equipment Co, Piscataway, NJ, United States of America
9083098772Michael Anderson

Grove Rough Terrain
Year: 2015Capacity: 90 UStCapacity: 80 t

One (1) Used 2015 Grove RT890E, S/N: 235176, 90 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Rough Terrain Crane, Equipped With 38’ to 142’ 5-Section Full Power Main Boom; 5 Sheave Boom Nose; Auxiliary Single Sheave Boom Nose; 33’ to 56’ Offsettable Bi-Fold Swingaway; Main Hoist with ¾” Wire Rope; Auxiliary Hoist with ¾” Wire Rope; Drum Rotation Indicators & Cable Followers; 22,000 Lbs Counterweight; Cwt Hydraulically Installed & Removed; “Graphic” Display LMI; LMI Light Bar In Operator's Cab; Anti Two Block System; Cummins QSB 6.7L Tier IV Diesel Engine; Air Conditioning in Operator’s Cab; Hydraulically Tiltable Operator’s Cab; 360 Degree Positive Swing Lock; Three Position Outriggers; Full Length Aluminum Decking; 29.5 x 25 - 34 Bias Ply Tires; Superstructure Mounted Amber Flashing Light; Boom Base Mounted Floodlights; Outrigger Position Monitoring System; 90 Ton Five Sheave Hookblock; 12 Ton Top-Swivel Overhaul Ball; Approximate Hours: 2,573 Hours (6/18/18). Call Brian O'Connell at (617) 592 – 7631 or Kevin O'Connell at (860) 970 - 9323.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc, South Easton, MA, United States of America
5082381900Kate Costelloe

Swing Seat
Year: 2017Capacity: 0

One (1) Used 2017 National NBT45127-1, S/N: 300779, 45 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Crane - Crane Specs - 31’ to 127' 5-Section Telescoping Full Power Main Boom; Three (3) Sheave Quick Reeve Main Boom Nose; 31’ to 55’ Telescoping Boom Extension; Graphical RCL System w/ Work Area Definition System; All Steel Crane Cab; Deluxe Seat w/ Armrest Mounted Single-Axis Hydraulic Pilot Controllers; Hot Water Cab Heater w/ Defroster which is Diesel Fired; Air Conditioning in Crane Cab; Back Up Alarm & Hour Meter in Crane Cab; Signal Horn and Engine Start / Stop Switch; Fire Extinguisher; Dual Cab Mounted Work Lights; 360 Degree Continuous Rotation w/ “Glide Swing”; 5,400 lbs. Non-Removable Counterweight; Variable Displacement Piston Pump; 100 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir; Electronic Drum Rotation Indicator; Drum Cable Follower; 5/8” 35x7 Class Main Winch Wire Rope; 3-Position Hydraulic Front and Rear Outriggers; Outrigger Position Monitoring System & Motion Alarm; Outrigger Controls in Crane Cab & Both Sides of Subframe; Single Front Outrigger; Standard Torsion Box and Decking Length; Two (2) Owner’s Manuals (1 Paper & 1 USB); ICC Safety Kit; Clockwise Rotation Pump; Hot Shift PTO; Drive Line Kit; Painted National Crane “Platinum” Gray; 20 Ton “Quick Reeve” Single Sheave Hook Block; Round Headache Ball w/ Swivel - Truck Specs - 2017 Kenworth model T880; VIN # 1NKZL70X3HJ174864; Cummins ISX12 425 h.p. Diesel Engine; Immersion Block Heater; Allison 4500RDS 6 Speed Automatic Transmission; 20,000 lb. Front Axle Weight Rating; 46,000 lb. Rear Axle Weight Rating; 13,000 lb. Pusher Axle Weight Rating; Goodyear Tires on Front & Rear; Aluminum Rims; Approximate Hours: 476 Hours (6/4/18); Approximate Miles: 4,511 Miles (6/4/18). Call Ben Siemen at (617) 416 – 7337 or Joe Vergoni at (508) 326-6073.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc, Manchester, CT, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Stand Up
Year: 2015Capacity: 30 UStCapacity: 27,2 t

One (1) Used 2015 National NBT30H110, S/N: 300156, 30 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Crane - Crane Specs - 33’ to 110' Four-Section Telescoping Main Boom; 25’ to 44’ Telescoping Boom Extension; Load Moment System w/ WADS; Easy Reach Console w/ Pilot Operated, Single Axis Controllers; Electronic Hour Meter, Horn & Engine Start / Stop Switch; Electronic Pendant Outrigger & Stabilizer Controls; Dual Engine Throttles w/ Electronic Throttle Connections; 410 Degree Non-Continuous Rotation; Direct Mount Load Sense Piston Pump Hydraulics; 73 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir; Planetary Two Speed Main Hoist; Radio Remote Ready; Counter-Clockwise Rotation Pump; Additional Counterweight Mounted in Rear Under Bed; ICC Safety Kit; 390’ (118.8 m) 9/16” (14 mm) Rotation Resistant Wire Rope; 7 Ton Round Downhaul Weight w/ Top Swivel; 2 & 3 Part 12.5 Ton Single Sheave Hookblock; Front Out and Down Cross Frame Outriggers; Rear Out and Down Stabilizers; Single Front Stabilizer (SFO); Torsion Resisting Subbase for 22’ Flatbed; 22’ Super Duty Wood Floor Bed; Back Up Alarm; Outrigger Position Monitoring System / Motion Alarm; One (1) Owner’s Manual; Removable Rear Boom Carrying Rack; Rear Bumper Underride Protection; Painted National “Platinum” Gray - Truck Specs - 2015 Peterbilt model 367; VIN #: 1NPTL70X9GD271466; Cummins ISX12 Diesel Engine; 20,000 LB. Front Axle Weight Rating; 40,000 LB. Rear Axle Weight Rating; 60,000 LB. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating; Eaton Fuller 16908LL Manual Transmission; Differential Locks on Both Axles; Aluminum Wheels on Front & Rear; Truck Cab Painted White; Approximate Hours: 3,147 Hours; Approximate Miles: 60,857 Miles. Call Ben Siemen at (617) 416 – 7337 or Joe Vergoni at (508) 326-6073.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc, South Easton, MA, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Lattice Boom Crawlers
Year: 2014Capacity: 182 UStCapacity: 165 t

One (1) Used 2014 Manitowoc MLC165, S/N: 9165-1023, 182 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, Equipped With 217 Ft of No. 74 Main Boom Consisting of: 50 Ft Basic Boom, (1) 10 Ft Insert, (2) 20 Ft Inserts and (3) 39 Ft Inserts; Detachable Upper Boom Point; Two Equal With Winches; 26 Millimeter Wire Rope on Front and Rear Drums; Power Hoisting / Lowering on Front & Rear Drums; Free Fall on Front Drum; Free Fall on Rear Drum; Preparation for Boom Butt Mounted 3rd Drum; Self Erect With Carbody Jacking Cylinders; Series 2 Counterweight (120,934 Lbs Total); Fully Enclosed Galvannealed Steel Operator’s Cab; Air Conditioning and Heater in Operator’s Cab; Hydraulic Pilot Controls; Integrated Rated Capacity Limiter; Anti-Two-Bock System; Sealed Intermediate Rollers on Crawlers; FACT Connection for Installation of Crawlers; Cummins QSL9-320 Tier 4i/Stage 3b Diesel Engine; 163 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank; Auto-Lube for Turntable Bearing; Swing Alarm and Travel Alarm; 100 Ton 3 Sheave Hookblock, Weight: 4,100 Lbs; 15 Ton Swivel Hook & Weight Ball; Approximate Hours: 3,017 Hours. Call Kevin O'Connell at (860) 970 - 9323 or Brian O'Connell at (617) 592 - 7631.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Inc., Manchester, CT, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe