MDT 218 A J8

The MDT 218 A is available in 8.0 and 11.0 USt versions, both equipped with the latest generation of frequency converter-controlled mechanisms and increased tip loads. Two sizes of mast are available, offering hook heights on anchors of 170 ft on a 5.2 ft mast or 203 ft on a 6.6 ft mast.

Hook Height per Base
70.4 m
(231 ft)
Maximum Capacity
8 t
(8.8 USt)
Maximum Radius
65 m
(213.3 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
1.95 t
(2.1 USt)
Maximum Tip Height
68.3 m
(224 ft)
  • Bases, mast and climbing equipment interchangeable with some other top-slewing tower crane models
  • Optional Ultra View cab
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