MD 310 C K16

The MD 310 C-K16 offers more than 4 USt of additional load capacity within the operating radius and free-standing hook height dimensions of its K-12 counterpart. Variable lengths of K mast are available to adjust the crane to the required elevation.

Hook Height per Base
73.6 m
(241.5 ft)
Maximum Capacity
16 t
(17.6 USt)
Maximum Radius
70 m
(229.7 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
2.85 t
(3.1 USt)
Maximum Tip Height
70.1 m
(230 ft)
  • Bases, mast and climbing equipment interchangeable with some other top-slewing tower crane models
  • Vision cab with 40 percent additional window area and ergonomic controls
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