MD Topbelt Tower cranes

Potain MD Topbelt

Topbelt: the association of a crane and a concrete conveyor allow a high rate of concreting, covering a large surface with minimum interference on the construction site.

Two ways of functioning:

  • Distributing crane of strong capacity
  • Crane associated with a conveyor belt for intensive concreting
Model Max CapacityMaximum RadiusMaximum Tip Capacity

MD 1600 Topbelt 24

64 t
(70.5 USt)
80 m
(262.5 ft)
17.4 t
(19.2 USt)

MD 2200 Topbelt 30

60 t
(66.1 USt)
80 m
(262.5 ft)
22.8 t
(25.1 USt)
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