MRH 175 (NEW)

The combination of the Topless design and the new Hydraulic luffing jib technology for great performances 
  • 180 Ft jib (55 m) max jib
  • 11 Ust max load (10 t)
  • 1,65 USt tip load with 180ft jib (1,5t) & 3USt with 164ft jib
Maximum Capacity
10 t
(11 USt)
Maximum Radius
55 m
(180 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
1.5 t
(1.65 USt)
  • A high-performance luffing jib crane for confined areas
    • The Potain VVH hydraulic luffing jib technology for an efficient luffing motion
    • Only 2 minutes to raise up completely the jib, for more efficiency
    • Fitting in very confined areas: Very short Out of service weather vanning radius, 33ft whatever the jib length
  • The easiest and fastest luffing jib crane erection scenario
    • One single counter-jib/jib foot package
    • No luffing wire rope installation needed thanks to the innovative hydraulic system
    • Elements weights under 8.5USt for easy erection and dismantling
  • Great return on investment
    • Optimized transport and logistics thanks to the Topless concept: the crane transportable in 4 standard containers only
    • Available on 1,6 m and 2 m section regular Potain K masts for fleet optimization
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