Igo T 130

Pick the work height that best suits your job with the Potain Igo T 130. The largest crane in the self-erecting Potain range also offers the most flexibility in configuration. With single trailer transport and a folding jib, the Igo T 130 fits in easily among even the tightest jobsite constraints.

Maximum Capacity
8 t
(8.8 USt)
Maximum Radius
50 m
(164 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
1.4 t
(1.5 USt)
Hook Height per Base
37.3 m
(122.4 ft)
  • Variable mast heights
  • Multiple operational jib configurations
  • Optional Ultra View cab or Cab 800
  • Offsettable jib for obstacle avoidance
  • Wireless remote control
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