Igo 13

The Igo 13 features a wireless remote control and variable frequency electric motor for efficient hoisting, lifting and trolleying with minimal setup and labor. The unit can be towed to job sites on Potain transporter axles or a standard semi-trailer. 

Hook Height per Base
17.1 m
(56.1 ft)
Maximum Capacity
1.8 t
(2 USt)
Maximum Radius
20 m
(65.6 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
0.7 t
(0.8 USt)
  • 3 operational jib positions
  • 73 ft maximum hook height with jib at 20º
  • Adjustable spread chassis
  • Wireless remote control
  • 220v single-phase and 480v three-phase power hookup
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