Hup M 28-22 US (NEW)

The crane for all your projects

Heigth Under Hook:  19,6 m - 31,1 m (raised jib at 30°)
Jib radius:  28 m
Maximum load: 2,2 t
Max. load at jib end: 700 kg or 850 kg
Highway rated speed axles

Up to 700 kg or 850 kg at jib end
28 m max radius
2,2 t max load
Permanent ballasts and integrated transport axle

2 footprint options
square 4,5 m x 4,5 m
rectangle 4 m x 5 m

Maximum Capacity
2.2 t
(2.4 USt)
Maximum Radius
28 m
(91.9 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
700 kg or 850 kg
(0.8 USt or 0.9 USt)
Hook Height per Base
19.6 m
(64.3 ft)
M for Mobile: ready for the road
  • Integrated transport axle (North America compliant) to transport the crane direct on the road from one jobsite to anotherone whatever the distance
  • ABS braking system
  • Pneumatic suspension
  • One single package with permanent ballast
  • Fifth wheel or tow bar
  • Compact dimensions: the only self-erecting crane with 28 m jib in such a compact transport format

Easy to set up: it reaches places where others stop
  • Easy moving thanks to the double steering axle, controled from the remote control
  • Maximum steering radius +20°/-20° in order to reach the most constraint areas
  • Dual wheels to face any terrain type
  • Hydraulic leveling controled from the remote control
  • Integrated battery pack to ensure the steering axle movements and the hydraulic level in full autonomy

Performant, versatile and ergonomic crane
  • Lastest mechanims generation: LVF Optima DVF optima, HPS High Performance Slewing
  • 16 jib configurations, 2 footprint options
  • Crane erection and folding by one operator only thanks to the remote control
  • Smart Set-up: simple and reactive interface and always the operator driving customisation, high precision speed

New Smart Set-up
  • Steering axle control
  • Hydraulic leveling control

Hup M 28-22: return on investment
  • Maximum mobility for a self-erecting crane
  • A real tower crane productivity on site
  • Maintenance with remote diagnostic tool CraneSTAR Diag
  • The Smart Set-up advanced operating software
  • An environment friendly crane on the jobsite
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