Hup 40-30 (NEW)

Ultimate versatility. Maximum profits.
Maximize your profits with more job opportunities than ever before

Hup C 40-30 Special application crane

Maximum Capacity
4 t
(4.4 USt)
Maximum Radius
40 m
(131 ft)
Maximum Tip Capacity
1 t
(1.1 USt)
Hook Height per Base
30 m
(98 ft)

1- Class-leading versatility and performance from a self-erecting crane with 40 m (131 ft) jib

  • New crane technology offers up to 16 configurations for more lifting options
  • Telescopic mast with two heights, three jib positions and several configurations with jib tip removed or folding jib
  • High Performance Lifting™ (HPL™) technology allows you to use your highest operational speed while maintaining your maximum lifting load
  • High Performance Slewing (HPS) delivers superior motion control while slewing the load

2- Innovative movement technology enables unfolding in narrow and compact areas

  • Jib unfolds over the top to preserve space under the crane when working next to buildings
  • During erection, the Hup 40-30 retains unrivaled compact transport dimensions up to 10 m (32 ft) height
  • Height under hook with maximum raised jib is above 40 m (131 ft) for superior reach on the jobsite

3- Exclusive remote control capabilities

  • 100% remote control–powered erection and piloting delivers convenient and secure operation
  • Three operating profiles (High Precision, Standard and Dynamic) can be selected by the operator
  • Full-color screen with jog dial navigation

4– Telescopic, self-erecting crane delivers outstanding ROI

  • Crane erection and dismantling are fast and easy with minimum operator effort
  • The Hup 40-30’s class-leading compact package is ideal for jobsites with limited work space – 14 m (45 ft) long when folded
  • Compact package includes no extra masts to handle at installation, which reduces packing and allows for easy transport logistics and cost savings
  • Compatible with Igo transport axles

5- Smart Set-up software for simplified crane erection

  • Exclusive Potain software to provide intuitive user interface
  • Makes folding and unfolding the crane simple and clear with step-by-step directions clearly visible on the control screen
  • Supports crane maintenance through an integrated diagnostics tool with maintenance warning indicators
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