NBT40-2 Series (NEW)


Maximum Capacity
36,3 - 40,8 t
(40 - 45 USt)
Boom Extension
16.8 m
(55 ft)
Main Boom Length
38.7m or 43.3m
(127ft or 142ft)
Maximum Tip Height
62.2 m
(204 ft)
  • Redesigned Superstructure and boom, same overall weight
    • Significantly increased capacity for all machine configurations without the crane weight being increased.
    • Roading is as easy as it ever was.  No truck configuration changes required from NBT40-1 Series cranes
    • Counterweight redesigned into a smaller envelope to reduce the overall tailswing envelope.
  • Increased Operator Centric features enhances the comfort and efficiency
    • NEW Standard features include: 20° tilt cab with heated seat, AM/FM/Bluetooth radio and front bumper mounted SFO/Hoist control
    • State of the art electric over hydraulic controls with easy adjustability to suit any operator’s preferences.
  • Proven controls system from the popular NBT50L Series
    • Real-time color display with integrated control system for truck and crane system monitoring.
    • Onboard diagnostic system allows for crane error code reporting to pinpoint exact trouble spot without need of a laptop.
    • Real-time J1939 truck diagnostic and monitoring such as engine regen status, fuel level, oil pressure, battery voltage and more.
  • NTC Performance Package available for the additional jobsite functionality.
    • Provides ultimate jobsite versatility with four outrigger spans
    • Fast, efficient setup with wireless outrigger controls to walk around while setting up.
    • Two-camera system for hoist and rear viewing for increased jobsite visibility
    • Integrated wireless windspeed indication monitored directly on crane cab display
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