The GTK1100 revolutionizes lifting technology to raise loads of more than 70 t (77 USt) to more than 120 m ( 394 ft) with lower operating costs and minimal space requirements compared to existing lift solutions.


Boom Extension
16 m - 60 m
(52 ft - 197 ft)
Gross Vehicle Weight
30027.8 kg
(66200 lb)
Main Boom Length
19,4 m - 76,5 m
(64 ft - 251 ft)
Maximum Capacity
150 t
(165 USt)
Maximum Tip Height
143 m
(469 ft)
Key Advantages
The GTK1100 transports on as few as four trailers, compared with up to 25 for cranes with similar lifting capabilities. The GTK is the perfect fit for jobs with frequent mobility such as wind turbine parks.
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