The YB4409-2 offers longer reach and higher capacity than other cranes in its class. This 9-ton yard crane offers full 360-degree capability and lower ground bearing pressures due to larger outrigger pads.


i4300 console training for Carrydeck cranes (Shuttlelift and Grove)

Boom Extension
3.6 m - 5.4 m
(12 ft - 18 ft)
Gross Vehicle Weight
7,936 kg
(17,496 lb)
Main Boom Length
4.2 m - 10 m
(13.8 ft - 32.8 ft)
Maximum Capacity
8.1 t
(9 USt)
Maximum Tip Height
16.5 m
(54 ft)
  • Three-section full-power boom
  • Pivoting boom head
  • Quick reeve nose and tackle
  • Synchromesh transmission
  • 2-wheel, 4-wheel with crab steer
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