The YB4409 is an ideal machine for yard and industrial plant use. Excellent pick and carry capacities combined with a dual fuel engine provide the versatility needed in today's plants. Four wheel, coordinated steering ensures manueverability in tight spaces.


i4300 console training for Carrydeck cranes (Shuttlelift and Grove)

Boom Extension
1.8 m
(6 ft)
Gross Vehicle Weight
7,150 kg
(15,754 lb)
Main Boom Length
2.9 m - 6.5 m
(9.7 ft - 21.2 ft)
Maximum Capacity
7.7 t
(8.5 USt)
Maximum Tip Height
10.7 m
(35 ft)
  • Three-section full-power boom
  • Quick reeve nose and tackle
  • Synchromesh transmission
  • Compact 6 ft. 7 in. wide dimension

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