Sourcewell is a government agency that is governed by a publicly-elected board and serves as a municipal contracting agency to more than 50,000 members throughout the nation by offering competitively-awarded contract purchasing solutions through industry-leading vendors.

Sourcewell Membership is available to government, education and non-profit agencies located in all 50 states at no cost, liability or obligation to the Member. As a public, government agency itself, Sourcewell responds to its Members’ purchas­ing needs by facilitating and awarding national competitively bid contracts. Sourcewell contract pur­chasing solutions result in valuable product and service solutions.

If you are a government agency, we invite you to become a member today and take advantage of all the benefits Sourcewell has to offer. Sourcewell Online Application here  

For more information, please contact a Sourcewell or Manitowoc Representative listed below:

Mike Domin
Darryl Mellott
Director Government Marketing
Manitowoc Cranes
T: 717.593.5594 
F: 717.593.5104
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