Synthetic Rope

K100 Synthetic Rope

An innovative and lightweight alternative to steel wire rope

Crane design and technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, yet traditional wire rope has largely remained the same for decades. Manitowoc Cranes collaborated with Samson, a leading synthetic rope provider, on the application development. This resulted in K-100, a synthetic rope that provides the necessary durability, cost-savings and functionality crane operators need to get their jobs done in today’s fast-changing world.

Stronger than steel.

Lighter than water.

Samson has leveraged fiber, coating and rope construction technology from multiple industries it serves to create K-100 synthetic hoist rope. Designed specifically for use on mobile cranes, K-100 features high strength-to-weight ratio, bend fatigue durability and robust spooling capabilities.

K-100 is made from a combination of high-performance synthetic fibers that provide strength similar to wire rope with over 80% weight reduction. The increased strength of these high modulus fibers allows the rope to meet the maximum line pull requirements of mobile cranes. A proprietary coating has been added to K-100 to improve rope performance in cyclic bend over sheave applications inherent on mobile cranes.




Benefits of K-100 synthetic rope

Maximizing profitability.

• Torque neutral, no spinning
• Corrosion resistance
• 80% lighter weight than the wire rope it replaces
• Same line pull and load chart as wire rope
• Quick, easy installation
• Minimized kinking and diving damage
• Reduced “bird caging” and “barber poling” issues
• Clean and smooth; no need to grease
• Reduces wear on drums and sheaves 
• No popped core or wire
• Easy on sheaves and boom top plates


How Manitowoc and Samson qualified K-100

Manitowoc and Samson have rigorously tested the use of K-100 in a variety of working conditions and on multiple crane models. Here are just some examples of recent synthetic rope testing:

• The RT770E life-cycle tested at Manitowoc Product Verification Center (PVC) experienced normal wear and exceptional performance characteristics
• The RT770E was reeved with 16 parts of line quickly and easily to demonstrate the impressive lift of 255,000 lbs (115,660 kg)
• Laboratory testing at two Samson labs and two third-party labs
• Over 4,000 hours of machine and sample preparation time completed
• Over 4.6 miles of rope used during testing and field trials to ensure uniform quality and consistency

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