Revolutionize the Residential Home Building Market
with the Igo MA 21 Self-Erecting Tower Crane

Build Better

Potain self-erecting tower cranes are a mainstay of the global construction industry and now are taking hold in the residential home building market in North America. These cranes offer significant advantages for hoisting and material handling in all stages of the home building process when compared to the conventional equipment in use today.

Self-erecting Crane Advantage

Fast Setup and Onsite Positioning 
• Hydraulic outriggers, integrated counterweights and simple assembly ensure a rapid onsite setup

Up and Over Reach 
• Place materials exactly where you need them with the versatile up and over reaching capabilities

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Reduce Operational Costs

Versatile Solution
• One piece of equipment replaces several specialized types of material handling equipment

No Trace Left Behind
• Self-erecting cranes install the crane without a foundation
• Eliminates unnecessary trucking and equipment around the jobsite – less ruts around the property

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Revolutionize Your Workforce

Learn more about how the Igo MA 21 is the best new candidate for your jobsite.

• Igo MA 21 Overview

Igo MA 21 Data Sheet

Igo MA 21 Product Guide

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