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Manitowoc cranes are a common sight all across projects in Australia’s construction, mining and energy industries. Cranes from the Grove, Manitowoc and Potain brands have shaped Australia’s modern cities and have contributed to many of its vibrant industries.

Today, the Grove GMK4100, GMK6300L, GMK6400, GMK5130-2, GMK7450, RT890E, RT9150E, RT9130E mobile cranes, Manitowoc 18000 and 16000 crawler cranes, and the Potain MCT385, IgoT130, MR418 tower cranes are popular in Australia and New Zealand for their fantastic capacities and ability to get projects completed on time and on budget. Some of the biggest names in the region’s industrial sector have Manitowoc cranes in their fleets – including companies such as Boom Logistics, Lampson International, Rio Tinto, Brookfield Multiplex, BHP Billiton, John Holland, Bechtel, Freo Group, Universal Cranes, Pollock Cranes and New Zealand Crane Hire.

In the past 10 years, Manitowoc has opened new facilities, appointed new distributors, hired highly capable staff and invested heavily in its Manitowoc Crane Care after sales customer support. Manitowoc has offices in Sydney and Brisbane, and through its distribution network, is present in every other capital city throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company continually invests to ensure Manitowoc provides the very best in crane sales and service.


Neil Hollingshead Sales and Marketing Director +61 (0) 417 674 019
Brad Cooper Country Manager -
Manitowoc Crane Care
+61 (0) 400 304 628
Andrew Gray Tower Cranes Manager +61 (0) 409 757 451
Ben Masters

Sales Manager
 +61 (0)418 942 364 
Spare Parts / Service Sydney +61 (0) 2 8822 4000
Spare Parts / Service Brisbane +61 (0) 7 3890 8800

Sales and Support

To cover the vast expanse of Australia and New Zealand, Manitowoc uses a combination of direct sales and distribution partners. It operates sales offices in Sydney and Brisbane and has dealers positioned strategically across the rest of the region. 

Manitowoc’s dealers are:

  • WATM: Grove dealer for Western Australia since 2000. 
  • TRT: Manitowoc, Grove and Potain dealer for New Zealand since 1973.
  • RMB Engineering: Grove and Manitowoc and National Crane dealer for SA since 2011
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Manitowoc Crane Care provides complete product support to customers — directly and through dealers — helping them get the most from their Manitowoc cranes. From parts and service, to training and remote monitoring, Manitowoc has the most comprehensive after-market support program in the industry. 

In Australia, Manitowoc Crane Care has around $4 million in spare parts inventory available. It has a growing number of factory-trained technicians with skill sets covering mechanical and electrical engineering. These technicians work out of facilities across the region and also have instant access to Manitowoc’s 24/7 global support network. 

Manitowoc Crane Care has provided industry-leading training to more than 700 people over the past four years. These trainees have participated through Manitowoc’s online courses and also at Manitowoc’s in-house training facilities. 

For customers in Australia, Manitowoc is able to fully carry out the Crane Check certifications and mandatory 10-year inspections to ensure all cranes are supplied according to government regulations. 

Manitowoc has full repair and maintenance workshops at its locations in Sydney and Brisbane, and all dealers also operate full Manitowoc Crane Care workshops, including Manitowoc Crane Care Elite dealers, WATM and TRT. 

To learn more about Manitowoc Crane Care, click here.

Management Team

Neil Hollingshead, sales and marketing director for Australia and New Zealand, has been with Manitowoc since 1989 and progressed through a series of marketing and project management roles prior to this most recent appointment. 

Brad Cooper, Crane Care Country manager for ANZ since 2009, has been in the crane industry for the last 18 years. Brad has had a number of Support related management roles throughout his career. Branch managers in Brisbane and Sydney report to him and are the key contacts for our customers on the East Coast.

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