Lift Solutions Potain

Lift Solutions Potain

Lift Solutions Potain

POTAIN cranes for special applications

Drawing on its wide experience from over 80 years in the tower crane sector, Potain designs and produces cranes for special applications.

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Electric power stations

Potain large tower cranes allow intensive operating cycles.


Large barrage construction requires high-performance machines for efficient pouring of RCC (roller-compacted concrete) and conventional concrete in a short time period.


MD3600 is the biggest crane ever made, designed by Potain to construct one of the world’s largest steel suspension bridge, built in China.


Potain has developed a range of large gantry and tubular-mast tower cranes, specifically designed for intensive operation and a long service life.


Special POTAIN tower crane installations

  Lift Solutions Potain - Anchoring

Implementation of specific technical solutions for tall cranes

  • Telescoping of buildings
  • Anchoring of buildings
  • Combined mast arrangements with mast connector

Standard crane customization

  • Installation in seismic areas and in areas subject to special wind constraints
  • Particular jib length
  • Larger mast section
  • Specific equipment (chassis, mechanisms, etc.)
  • Special access

Backed by a powerful global commercial organization, our highly qualified team deal with specific projects and provide complete solutions to our customers - mainly large construction companies and international building firms.

These complete solutions include:


  • Total technical engineering services
  • Studies on all types of applications
  • Comprehensive product design
  • Budget evaluation, including engineering, production, assembly and services
  • Service department training, maintenance and supervision


Your Potain contact: Patrice Penanhoat



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