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Easily find or sell used crane equipment. We have a variety of used cranes and brands in our inventory. Manitowoc used cranes feature exceptional aftermarket and financing support. You can count on 24/7 technical support with Manitowoc Crane Care while Manitowoc Finance provides flexible pricing to assist with purchases.

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Stand Up
Year: 2015Capacity: 30 UStCapacity: 27,2 t

One (1) Used 2015 National NBT30H110, S/N: 300223, 30 Ton Capacity Hydraulic Crane - Crane Specs - 33 Ft to 110 Ft Four-Section Telescoping Main Boom; 25 Ft to 44 Ft Telescoping Boom Extension; Load Moment Indicator w/ WADS; Easy Reach Console w/ Pilot Operated Single Axis Controllers; Electric Hour Meter, Horn and Engine Start / Stop Switch; Electronic Outrigger Control Pendant for Outriggers & Stabilizers; Dual Electronic Engine Throttles; 410 Degree Non-Continuous Rotation w/ Adjustable Swing Drive; Direct Mount Load Sensing Piston Pump Hydraulic System; 73 Gallon Hydraulic Reservoir; Planetary Two Speed Main Hoist; Winch Drum Rotation Indicator; Counter-Clockwise Rotation Pump; ICC Safety Kit; 9/16 In. Rotation Resistant Wire Rope; 7 Ton Round Downhaul Weight w/ Top Swivel; 2 & 3 Part 12.5 Ton Single Sheave Hookblock; Front Out and Down Cross Frame Outriggers; Rear Out and Down Stabilizers; Single Front Outrigger (SFO); Additional Counterweight Mounted in Rear Under Bed; Torsion Resistant Subbase for 22 Ft Flatbed; 22 Ft Super Duty Wood Floor Bed; Back Up Alarm; Outrigger Position Monitoring System / Motion Alarm; Removable Rear Boom Carrying Rack; Rear Bumper Underride Protection; Painted National “Platinum” Gray - Truck Specs - 2016 Peterbilt model 367; VIN# 1NPTL70X2GD271468; Cummins ISX12 425V 425@1800 Diesel Engine; 20,000 LB. Front Axle Weight Rating; 40,000 LB. Rear Axle Weight Rating; 60,000 LB. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating; Fuller RTO16908LL Manual Transmission; Differential Locks on Both Axles; Aluminum Wheels on Front and Rear; Truck Cab Painted White; Approximate Hours: 2,175 Hours; Approximate Miles: 24,673 Miles. Call Joe Vergoni at (508) 326 – 6073 or Ben Siemen at (617) 416 – 7337.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Manchester, Connecticut, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Lattice Boom Crawlers
Year: 2014Capacity: 182 UStCapacity: 165 t

One (1) Used 2014 Manitowoc MLC165, S/N: 9165-1023, 182 Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, Equipped With 217 Ft of No. 74 Main Boom; Boom Consists of: 50 Ft Basic Boom, (1) 10 Ft Insert, (2) 20 Ft Inserts and (3) 39 Ft Inserts; Detachable Upper Boom Point; Two Equal With Winches; 26 Millimeter Wire Rope on Front and Rear Drums; Power Hoisting / Lowering on Front & Rear Drums; Free Fall on Front Drum; Free Fall on Rear Drum; Preparation for Boom Butt Mounted 3rd Drum; Self Erect With Carbody Jacking Cylinders; Series 2 Counterweight (120,934 Lbs Total); Fully Enclosed Galvannealed Steel Operator’s Cab; Air Conditioning and Heater in Operator’s Cab; Hydraulic Pilot Controls; Integrated Rated Capacity Limiter; Anti-Two-Bock System; Sealed Intermediate Rollers on Crawlers; FACT Connection for Installation of Crawlers; Cummins QSL9-320 Tier 4i/Stage 3b Diesel Engine; 163 Gallon Diesel Fuel Tank; Auto-Lube for Turntable Bearing; Swing Alarm and Travel Alarm; Crane Star Asset Management System; 100 Ton 3 Sheave Hookblock, Weight: 4,100 Lbs; 15 Ton Swivel Hook & Weight Ball; Approximate Hours: 2,865 Hours (9/21/17). Call Brian O'Connell at (617) 592 – 7631 or Kevin O'Connell at (860) 970 - 9323.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Manchester, Connecticut, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Yardboss Industrial
Year: 2013Capacity: 20 UStCapacity: 18 t

20 Ton Capacity. 4 Section 55’ Boom, 15’ Swing Away Boom Extension. 360 Degree Continuous Rotation. 9/16” Wire Rope. 20 Ton Two Sheave, Quick Reeve Hook Block. 100 H.P. Turbo Charged QSB3 3L Cummins Diesel Engine. Powershift Transmission, 4 Speeds Forward, 4 Speeds Reverse. Chassis Mounted Cab with Roof Safety Glass. Heater. Non-Skid Decking.

Stephenson Equipment Inc., McDonald, PA, United States of America
1-800-325-6455Kyle Hoffman

All Terrain
Year: 2008Capacity: 225 UStCapacity: 170 t

One (1) Used 2008 Grove Model GMK5225, S/N: 5170-2023, 225 Ton All Terrain Hydraulic Crane Equipped With 210’ Main Boom; 85’ Manual Offsettable Swingaway; One Winch; Mercedes Engine in Superstructure; Load Moment Indicator; Anti-Two-Block; 10X8X10 Carrier ; Mercedes Engine in Carrier; 20.5 Tires; 3 Axle Boom Dolly; 80 Ton Hook Block; 30 Ton Hook Block; Overhaul Ball; Approximate Upper Hours: 7,110 Hours; Approximate Lower Hours: 2,707 Hours; Approximate Miles: 28,745 Miles (46,259 KM) Hours. Call Dave Hawboldt at (902) 237 – 4544 or Joe Vergoni at (508) 326 – 6073.

Shawmut Equipment Company, Halifax, Nova Scotia, United States of America
8606434161Kate Costelloe

Rough Terrain
Year: 2009Capacity: 40 UStCapacity: 35 t

40 Ton Capacity, 32 – 102 ft. Full Power Boom, 2 Stage Jib 26 – 45 ft. 154 ft. Max Tip Height. 40 Ton Hook Block, 7.5 Ton Ball. Auxiliary Winch. 160 HP Cummins QSB 6.7L Tier III. Clean and Job Ready!

Stephenson Equipment Inc., Prospect Park, PA, United States of America
1-800-325-6455Kyle Hoffman