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  • Setting the standard for technician development
    Manitowoc Crane Care is the online and on-site crane training source for all Manitowoc, Grove, Potain, National Crane, and Shuttelift products. Our curriculum is designed for crane technicians from beginner to advanced certifications levels and offers training for all generations of Manitowoc operating systems and components.

As the technology built into cranes continues to advance, it’s important to learn new skills that can increase your proficiency and decrease downtime. Whether you’re a customer or dealer technician, we offer training to support your needs. Our goal is to provide you with a competitive advantage by increasing your knowledge and skills. To accomplish this, we are dedicated to continuously improving and expanding the training we offer. The training offered through Manitowoc Crane Care is part of the total value package you experience as a Manitowoc customer.

Online Training

Manitowoc’s self-paced On-line Training is focused on delivering the most effective crane technician development curriculum in the industry. Our curriculum covers multiple generations of technology used on Grove, Manitowoc, National Crane and Potain models. On-line Training provides technicians with access to the right information – whenever they need it. How-To videos, component-system animations and operational instruction all delivered on-line when you want it.

Technical Learning Center

Manitowoc crane training facilities around the world offer extensive hands-on labs with hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and crane control system work stations designed to help technicians of all skill levels become more familiar with Manitowoc, Grove, Potain, National Crane, and Shuttelift products.


Manitowoc Garage - MLC300 VPC Calibration

Manitowoc Garage

Manitowoc Garage - MLC300 Locked Counterweight Operation

Manitowoc Garage

Manitowoc Garage - MLC100-1 Hydraulic Calibrations

Manitowoc Garage

Manitowoc Garage - MLC100-1 Inspection Guide

Manitowoc Garage

Manitowoc Garage - Recording CAN Traces

Manitowoc Garage - TMS9000-2 Auto Mode

Manitowoc Garage - TMS9000-2 Boom Configurator Mode

Manitowoc Garage - TMS9000-2 Emergency Mode

Manitowoc Garage - TMS9000-2 Manual Mode

Manitowoc Garage MLC165 Diagnostic Function Review - Spanish

Manitowoc Garage - GMK4100L-1 Steering Modes

Different steering modes for the GMK4100L-1

Manitowoc Garage - GMK Datalogger

How to use the GMK Datalogger

Manitowoc Garage - MLC300 Fault Code Viewing

Manitowoc Garage - 18000 CST Connect

Tutorial to operate POTAIN CCS cranes

How to operate CCS Potain cranes (main functionalities)

Manitowoc Garage - MLC300 RCI-RCL

Manitowoc Garage - MLC165 Calibration

French Learning Center – Technical learning center

How to subscribe online to a course in the French training center – Learning Management System (tower Europe) - to register online to courses and to follow online courses

Tutoriel de conduite des grues Potain CCS

Démonstration d’utilisation des fonctionnalités de conduite des grues Potain CCS

Inscription en ligne - Centre de formation Manitowoc France - Technical learning center

S’inscrire en ligne à un cours au centre de formation Manitowoc (France) ou suivre des cours en ligne – Learning Management system (tower Europe)

Manitowoc Garage - Grove CCS Module Diagnostics

Manitowoc Garage - MLC165 Diagnostic Function Review

Manitowoc Garage - National Crane HED RCL Setup Features

Manitowoc Garage - National Crane HED RCL Onboard Diagnostics

Manitowoc Garage - National Crane HED RCL Error Codes

Manitowoc Garage - MLC165 Function Hours

Manitowoc Garage - National 900a Q-scale Display Features

Grove GMK preventive maintenance

Learn important routine preventative maintenance steps to take to protect your investment and keep your Grove GMK All Terrain crane running at peak productivity.

Manitowoc Cranes Company Video

Manitowoc is the leader in lifting solutions. We have set the worldwide standard for engineering design and innovative products. Our brands: Grove, Manitowoc, National Crane and Potain have long been recognized as the industry's best. We also support our products with the industry's most comprehensive service and support program through Manitowoc Crane Care. We are truly the leaders in lifting.

Product Verification Center

We take pride in our crane quality. In 2012, we opened a state-of-the-art testing facility that not only tests the performance of our cranes, but also the performance of the many components that go into manufacturing the best cranes in the industry. The results from all of our testing going into improving our cranes and improving the bottom line for our customers.

Manitowoc Garage - GMK CCS Carrier Display Features

Manitowoc Garage video highlighting the CCS carrier display functionality featuring a GMK4100L-1.